Being sidelined for the last few days has taken its toll on me emotionally.  I really want to play, and I can’t due to the stiffness in my neck.  As Saturday drags on, about 5 days since being injured, I am feeling better than I did the previous day.  I still wonder if I am going to be 100% on Monday.  Today I went out and mowed the lawn and didn’t feel much discomfort as long as I kept staring straight ahead.  Turning my head still hurts my neck a little bit.  I guess we will see how I feel tomorrow, and then again on Monday.

To date, this is the longest I have been out with injury in my life.  I can tell you it sucks.

Dekleine Builders lost in OT on Friday which puts them at 1-1-0-1 3 games in so far.  I am really impressed with how these guys are playing and improving after not playing for 2 sessions.  Especially against teams and players that haven’t taken any noticable time off.

I just miss playing.