Last week, I didn’t have a very good week at hockey.  I won my ice hockey game on Tuesday, but Monday and Friday were met with losses.  The good thing is that I played decent on Monday, and even better on Friday.  Playing stronger through the week is a very good sign that I had shaken the rust from me from being off so much the previous 2 weeks.  Did I even have rust?  Heck I played 2 times in the last two weeks prior to the season starting!

I did start slow and that concerned me going into tonights game.  The Bulldogs needed to win tonight to avoid going into a 0-2 hole and they responded well.  I also played a solid game in net tonight.  The only two goals they scored on me were a deflection and a rebound.  They did have a lot of chances they shot right into my chest, so that I am very happy about but also very cautious that I may not get that lucky again.

So, what have I been doing in my free time the last few weeks?  World of Warcraft and Battlefield 2 for starters.  I also have been working late at work on various projects.

One thing that does concern me is my unmotivation to do anything when it comes to photography.  I think I am just burned out.