Played my first game last night since the injury a week ago. My neck was still a little stiff before the game, but I did very well reguardless in a 4-2 loss. The only thing I can complain about was a horrible penalty I took that resulted in a goal. One of the reasons why I promised to keep my emotions in check after one season where I took more than a couple bad penalties. Overall, I am disappointed in the loss, but happy about the fact that I did play solid. Got one more game tonight and then I am off for another week of rest due to the holiday.

Hopefully the stiffness in my neck will be gone by then.


Being sidelined for the last few days has taken its toll on me emotionally.  I really want to play, and I can’t due to the stiffness in my neck.  As Saturday drags on, about 5 days since being injured, I am feeling better than I did the previous day.  I still wonder if I am going to be 100% on Monday.  Today I went out and mowed the lawn and didn’t feel much discomfort as long as I kept staring straight ahead.  Turning my head still hurts my neck a little bit.  I guess we will see how I feel tomorrow, and then again on Monday.

To date, this is the longest I have been out with injury in my life.  I can tell you it sucks.

Dekleine Builders lost in OT on Friday which puts them at 1-1-0-1 3 games in so far.  I am really impressed with how these guys are playing and improving after not playing for 2 sessions.  Especially against teams and players that haven’t taken any noticable time off.

I just miss playing.


Well, its 12:44 and I am still not sleeping.  There is construction of some kind happening right outside my window on the major road behind our house.  Normally, you can barely hear traffic from the street.  Tonight, it sounds like a jackhammer is going off out there.  Mighty nice of them to be working so late.

My neck is feeling better as each day goes on.  Today, it is a little sore and stiff.  Much better though than it was a few days ago.  If my neck is 100% tomorrow, I will play hockey.  If I have one little bit of stiffness or soreness, then I won’t play at all.  Right now, I probably have about a 10% chance to play.  I don’t think I am going to have some kind of great recovery tonight.  Especially with me being kept up by the construction people outside.



Well, its a nice neck sprain.

X-rays were negative. Doctor says I will be in pain for a good 5-7 days. Should be better by next week if I keep my physical activities to a minimum. That means, no hockey. It has been a while since I have been out for a few games due to injury.

I spent last night playing World of Warcraft and Battlefield 2 instead of playing hockey. Man, was I a little disappointed. Sitting there playing games is fun, but I still wish I could be out there stopping the puck. The rest of the evening I layed on my futon and watched “The Patriot”. Good Mel Gibson movie if you are in the mood for that kind of thing.

This morning I woke up, popped an 800mg Ibruprofin, and went to work. Only planning on being here for another 3-4 hours or so and then I am going home early. People around here hate seeing me uncomfortable. I tell them I hate feeling this way. 😉

The next few days are going to be long and boring. No hockey in the evenings equate to me finding other things to do. Maybe I will level my Level 52 Druid up or get my Battlefield 2 player up a few ranks during this downtime. 🙂


The ibprofin isn’t helping, and my neck is very bad right now.  Can’t turn it to the left without feeling intense pain.  Turning it to the right isn’t bad.  Up and down is pretty bad as well.  I took the night off of hockey and the rest of the week (at least until Friday) to see how my body reacts.  If I am not better by Friday, I will take that day off too.

It just keeps getting better and better…

Another solid game and another one goal loss for the Bulldogs last night. I wasn’t miffed really to be honest. The last 2-3 weeks I have been playing solid hockey. That much I am happy about. What I am unhappy about was straining my neck to the point where I can’t turn my head without pain. I think it happened when I left the crease to dive for a puck and knock it away to prevent a breakaway chance. When I did, I felt something give in my neck and it hasn’t been the same since.

Ice hockey tonight is seriously in doubt. I took 800mg of Ibruprofin in hopes that will ease the pain a little bit.

On a goaltending standpoint, the last 2-3 weeks have been probably my best weeks for hockey. I have been making timely saves, positioning myself pretty well, and recovering quickly. Is this the best hockey I have played in a stretch? I think it is pretty close to some of the best I have played. I don’t know what it is, but my confidence has never been higher. Even in the losses I have faced this season, I have played solid in all those games. Now I just gotta keep it rolling.

One thing that does concern me is the amount of screened shots I am stopping. Seems like I have been screened a lot and yet making the saves when it matters. When is that luck going to run out? Sorry, but when I can’t see the puck, it is hard to keep making saves on it. Oh well, part of it is positioning, and as long as I am making the stops, I am going to enjoy it. 🙂


Man time flies…

It just amazes me how far I have come. A little over 5 and a half years ago, I was strapping on the pads for the first time to play goal. It was April 2000 and I had never skated before. I had played goal before, but without skates. Fast forward to today and I am still playing. 9 championship titles, so many playoff trips, and with either disappointment or exhilaration at the end of the season. Now, I wonder what will my last game be.

I have been thinking about what my last game would be like since Saturday afternoon. I got done playing dodgeball and my back was just killing me. My arm was sore as well, but I could really notice my back and my neck. If I felt like this after every game of hockey, it would get real old real fast. At the ripe age of 33, and hopefully at least 10-20 more years of playing ahead of me, I hope I don’t stop playing anytime soon. Besides, what would I do if I left? Play World of Warcraft, Battlefield 2, and take pictures of hockey?

There is one major reason why I went out to play hockey and that was the fact I didn’t want to be an armchair fan. I wanted to understand the game. When you play the game, you have a deeper understanding of why players do what they do. Case in point, as a goalie, I never understood why players got heated and upset while playing. As a forward, I understood that very well. Its about being put in situations and seeing how you react to them. Armchair fans never really get this part of the game. Which is why you have uninformed parents bitching at the coaches or their kids to do better when they haven’t played a minute of hockey themselves. I know that was a generalizing point and not totally accurate across the board.

I was stumbling around the Rivertown Sports website and came upon a link to another blog that I read a little bit.


Really, I just wanted to see if anything was written about her boyfriend Matt Weible who was on my Brass championship team back less than a month ago. It is always interesting to get other people’s perspectives on games you play. I know I butcher myself here, but I am brutally honest with the way I feel after a win or loss. Anyway, Kristin had a lot to say about the game and more about the party afterwards. That doesn’t suprise me either. I know I played very well in those two games. Still shows I can steal a game here or there. Still shows that I have that inner fire to keep competiting. However, playing with that team again would be something I would like to do the most. It is the memories you make with teams like that. Those memories still bring a smile to my face.

Just like the memories I made with the Zingers, Stick Heads, and Team X. There are other teams I want to remember winning a championship with, such as the Bulldogs. That will hopefully come sooner rather than later….