Too short of a break

I have been resting a lot the last few days waiting for this, my last ice hockey game of the session. My body still isn’t in the best of shape. My left shoulder still is sore from being run into on Saturday. My right shoulder is still bruised up, but it is a lot better. The puck I took to the chest while skating out on Thursday last week is healing nicely, but that also still hurts a bit.

I am not making excuses though. I am approaching this game as if it is my last one for the next few weeks. Then, I get to recharge my batteries and wait for the season to start in a week or two. Oh, and I plan to have some fun through the next few weeks. I plan on doing some photography, playing games, spending time with the wife, and so on. The time off is going to be welcome at this stage.

As for ice hockey next season, I was just told that the last session runs for 8 weeks starting the first week of August and then is done for the year. Yes, the year. That means, I am once again a goalie without a team. I have some choices though. Either I can go all out looking for an ice hockey team to play on, or I can switch to roller full time and just play out at Rivertown. As much as I enjoy ice hockey, no one is beating down my door. I have time to consider my options though.

Hacker unlocks all weapons for 5 million Battlefield 2 IDs

Battlefield 2 has been one of my favorite games as of late. However, even I noticed that something was wrong with my account. I could play any weapon in the game for the better part of 1-2 weeks! Come to find out some guy went ahead and hacked 5,000,000 accounts to unlock the weapons. EA probably doesn’t care. Me? I really don’t care as well. It doesn’t change the fact that I still enjoy playing the game. As for the unlockable weapons, it doesn’t matter one way or the other. What matters is if you have fun playing the game.

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