Infirmary Report

I haven’t been beat up this much in a long time. My right shoulder is still bruised and hurts a bit after getting run into on a chase for a puck I covered up. This is the thing I notice the most to be honest with you. Especially when I try to lift anything heavy or use my right shoulder for anything more than carrying its own weight around. My left shoulder isn’t the healthiest either as it is also a little stiff to move which makes things even more fustrating. I like to sleep on my side, so when I turn over to either side, it ends up waking me up. Even if I take Motrin or Advil, about 4-6 hours later, the pain returns and I wake up. My right hand hurts as well due to the collision, more specifically my thumb is sprained. That makes it fun typing and opening doors.

So, in short both arms and my right hand are driving me nuts.

My chest has a nice big bruise on it from Thursday’s game, but that is nothing to be honest.

All the dings were worth it though. Especially after I carried that trophy around with me on Saturday night. I guess you could say I was healed by it. I no longer worry that this trophy will be my last, but those thoughts do cross my mind on occassion. Its my 9th championship in 5 years, and it feels so good.