After ending the week with a lot of excitment, I started this week with a huge wimper. Along with that, I had some thought cross through my head and some doubts start to creep back in. I will explain all these things in a moment…

Last week, I was on cloud 9. I was playing very solid hockey. Even despite losing 2 of my 3 games, I really was playing well under very difficult circumstances. Tonight, I played one crappy game in a 10-4 lopsided loss. This with the roster we are going to have next season for the most part. On top of that, my team was a little disappointed in my performance. A few players on the squad were obviously fustrated. That on top of the fact that my confidence went into the crapper after a couple bad goals. I hope tomorrow works out a little better.

That got me to thinking….

How long do I have to play with the Bulldogs. This team that I am one of the founding members for the most part. Will my exit be with a wimper? Will I be replaced? What about the rest of the team. Are they feeling the fustration more than I am? After making it to the finals twice and losing both times, the rest of the team is fustrated and wants to make it over that hump. Others on the team are happy to just let things work out in the end and just go with the flow. Maybe that is my problem.

My concern is keeping the team together and staying on top of my game. Next season may see a lot of changes we don’t want to have unless I step my game up one more level.

The NHL lockout was over for the most part. Now both sides can go back to their corners and ratify the deal. That along with reading the proposed rule changes make me excited about the upcoming season. Now lets see if the NHL can bring the fans back.