The week off of hockey this week has really healed me physically.

The 4th of July holiday always brings most of the hockey leagues around here to a standstill.  That means, I have more time this week to do other things like spend it with the wife, work, play Battlefield 2, and so on.  The big part is my body healing up, getting ready for the end run for this season’s hockey leagues.  Most important is playoffs.

My Bulldogs team is in a very precarious position.  With 2 games left, we are put in a position where we can make playoffs if we win both games.  A loss will put us behind the 8 ball where we will have to rely on other teams to help us.  Ironically enough, we play a team that we have eliminated in the first round of the playoffs for 2 straight years, the Reforms.  A newly revamped Reforms team that looks to do some damage this time around.  To be honest, I am looking forward to this game more than any game that I have coming up in the next week.

Vintage Painting in Aluminum asked me to play for them this coming playoff Saturday.  It is a couple weeks away, but I can get myself psyched up for it easy enough.  Vintage is 2nd in their division and poised to do damage this season in the playoffs.  I hope I can give them a good boost come playoff time.