Not too bad

It’s too bad about the Pistons losing in game 7.  I know they are disappointed in the outcome.  As for a game analysis, I really don’t have much to say on that since I am not a true basketball fan.  However, when the horn sounded, I felt their pain nonetheless.  I understand their pain as well.  I have made it to 3 finals hockey games in the last 2 sessions and lost each time.  Whats worse, is that I lost by one goal each time, however, I still played a solid game in each of those contests.

It is just heartbreaking….but something that makes you stronger in the long run.

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  1. It was truly heartbreaking, but not as bad as some of those Wings losses to the Avs in past years.

  2. Honestly? Not heartbroken. A bit perturbed I stayed up *that* late on a weeknight to watch them lose, but not really upset.

    The Pistons were supposed to be a fluke last year, and couldn’t beat the Lakers, no way. Win in 5 games. Then they weren’t supposed to get past the Pacers. Then they weren’t supposed to be able to play with the Heat. Then they were supposed to get obliterated by the “clearly superior” Spurs.

    Well, 7 Games in the Finals and leading for most of that Game 7 says otherwise. No fluke at all. I don’t know how someone can not respect 2 Finals in 2 years, including one title so far. If Duncan doesn’t finally shake off some of the “choker” concerns about him, the Spurs still likely lose Game 7 at home.

    And as someone elsewhere mentioned last night… maybe this next year they finally unleash some guys like Darko and Arroyo and take the next step to staying great. For every Rasheed and McDyess they have, they have 2 or 3 younger guys, and could be good for quite some time…

    — Primis.

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