I have been having a problem recently on updating my journal. I spend time thinking about what I am going to put in it, but when it comes to actually doing it, I have been slacking. Gotta turn over a new leaf.

That said, I played a pair of very tough games on Monday. The first one was a pretty bitter loss. I played a cruddy game, but I wasn’t entirely bad. The other team just skated around our defense and got some great screened shots on me. Then, at the end, my team just stopped playing. In the 90+ degree heat, my energy drained pretty fast, but I subbed in for another team the next game. That second game was a huge change from the first. I had very little energy left, so I concentrated on getting in front of the puck and that was about it. By the midpoint of the game, I had very little left to give. With about 10 minutes to go in the game, I could barely stand. All through the game, I made some key stops I was quite proud of. Suprisingly, my glove hand caught a lot of chances unlike the first game. In the end, a win.

The loss of the first game hurts though. My Bulldogs are 4-4 with 2 games to go. We still control our playoff destiny, but we have to win out in order to assure that.

Not too bad

It’s too bad about the Pistons losing in game 7.  I know they are disappointed in the outcome.  As for a game analysis, I really don’t have much to say on that since I am not a true basketball fan.  However, when the horn sounded, I felt their pain nonetheless.  I understand their pain as well.  I have made it to 3 finals hockey games in the last 2 sessions and lost each time.  Whats worse, is that I lost by one goal each time, however, I still played a solid game in each of those contests.

It is just heartbreaking….but something that makes you stronger in the long run.


It has been a tough last couple weeks in goaltending. I finally had a very solid game on Firday in a 6-2 win in the Bras division with the Fury. I followed that up with a good showing in the first dodgeball tournament at Rivertown Sports. Our team placed 2nd overall and lost in the finals to another very good team. I got a few people out here and there, but I wasn’t near as physical as some other players on the team. I did my part in contributing, and that I am proud of.

More later, I am exhausted right now. A day of dodgeball and then a nice one hour drive to my parents does that to me. I need sleep.


Last night was fustrating. I had 5 goals scored on me in ice hockey, and 4 of those goals went off me and into the net. 3 of them hit my right side of my chest protector and went in. That tells me I wasn’t keeping my arms at my side like I should be. I have to keep my arms close to my body so I don’t give up those armpit goals.

I have a ton of challenging things to accomplish at home and at work in the next few months. I get to move a server room from one location to another. I have a small computer to build for a friend. Obviously, I have hockey to play and hopefully to work toward a championship opportunity with 2-3 teams if possible. That is just the tip of the iceberg.


It is simply amazing how much I didn’t put into this journal when everything just goes right.

My Bulldogs were 3-0, but the season was young.
The Fury are 3-1, and I was playing pretty solid after a bad first game.
My ice hockey team is 1-0 and looks very solid.
Finally, Team Kontakt is struggling, but we are playing better every game against teams that have firepower to put us away.

Today I turned 33.  Not a milestone age or anything.  After losing both my games and watching my Bulldogs drop to 3-2, I really thought the day was pretty bad.  The Pistons were losing, and I was driving home thinking about the games.  Was today a wash?  Not really.

Sure, the games were a bummer to lose, but every team has hot and cold streaks.  We just hit a cold one today.
Sometimes the freezer door pops open and your stuff defrosts when you aren’t around.
Sometimes, bad things happen.  The key to living a long and healthy life is rolling with the punches.

At the age of 33 and pretty healthy, I have a lot to look forward to.  I have a healthy relationship.  I have more hockey to play.  More memories to make.  Hopefully, a couple championships to win down the road.

On the subject of championships, the last year without winning one has taught me a valuable lesson.  I can’t base my life upon winning that which doesn’t matter in the end.  When I am 60, I will look back on the opportunities I had and missed.  However, I will also look back at all the success I had.  The successes will trump those bad things in life.  They always do.