I know I am getting to this late, but I just finished up all the work from the Rivertown Sports outing and hockey game. Man, it was a pain in the ass to set up, but everyone had fun doing it. I may do it again next session depending on the situation and who I have helping me out with it. The game was a great success when we won 10-4 against another team of equal talent. We passed the puck a lot better than they did and that was the key in the game. When John Pawlik scored the first goal of the game, I knew things would start going our way and they did.

The last thing I wanted to do was limp into the playoffs. We gave a team life on Monday by losing 7-4. That win for the Reforms coupled by the loss of Malys means Reforms are in and we play them first round. Lets hope my team comes out strong on Saturday and shows the Reforms what it is to play hockey. If we come out lazy and uninspired, then it will be a quick outing on Saturday.

I don’t mean to speak negatively and that isn’t my intention. I am very satisfied with the performance of the Bulldogs this season. However, the championship has eluded us. I feel this is our best shot at it. Next session will be a hard one with our 3 top players moving on.

I just want Saturday to be here already. However, that isn’t going to happen. I have time, and a few games to play before Saturday rolls around.