After a very good Bulldogs game last night were I only let in 2 goals, I played average today in both my games. Actually, my first game today was a last place team that I sub for playing against the first place team. We only lost 4-0, and I faced a ton of shots. I was pretty happy wiith my play. The second game was my ice hockey game, the first game back after a 2 week break. I came up with some decent saves, but they scored on some good opportunities including a couple breakaways. The end result was a 6-3 loss. After playing so well in this league last season, I had high hopes for myself this season. The competition has picked up considerably this season and it just means I am going to have to play better.

The ice hockey game at Van Andel is quickly approaching. We are about a week and a half out and I am already looking forward to it. I just hope my team can make a game of it. Based on the skill that we have, I think we will. It really just depends on which team comes to play.

An acquaitance of mine, Brian Steil, turned 21 tonight. I went to a local bar and watched him drink a few shots in celebration with some other friends. It just brought me back to that moment when it was my 21st birthday. Man, I have some memories of that day. Mostly embarassing ones, but still, your 21st birthday isn’t meant to be totally happy moments for the most part. Especially if you drink heavily. Everyone in this group wanted me to bring my camera and I didn’t. Maybe it was because I know what it was like. There are some things about my 21st birthday that I wish I could forget.

Even though I have attended more outings with the group I play hockey with and against, there is still part of me that doesn’t feel like I am part of that group. It doesn’t have to do with age. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it is because I have alienated myself for one reason or another. Maybe I feel I have burned bridges when I haven’t. Who knows. I think it is just a phase I am going through.