Two solid games

With Rollerhockey off this week, I played two very solid games of ice hockey on Tuesday and Wesdnesday.  I lost my first game on Tuesday night by a 2-1 score, but won my game on Wednesday by a 4-2 score.  Both games I came up with some very good saves.  Especially last night.  My team only had 7 skaters, we got a 4-1 lead and I played very well.

On the bad side, both games I let in one bad goal each time.  The game I lost 2-1, the game winner was a shot that went in off my back from behind the net.  When you get burned by a goal like that, it just is fustrating.  Especially after all the good saves I had.  The game last night, I let in a shorthanded shot that sneaked just under my pad and slowly slid across the goal line.  That puck did have eyes on that shot.

As for rollerhockey, I had a pretty good practice on Tuesday as well.  Let in some goals I should have stopped, but I played ok.  I really can’t say anything more about it other than the games are entirely different from ice hockey.  It is an adjustment, but I love the game of rollerhockey all the same.

The next 4 days I am going to rest and get ready for the rest.