Murder One

I just went through all 23 episodes of Murder One on DVD.  I remember watching this back in 1995 when I was in college.  It was easily the most compelling courtroom drama I have ever seen.  There were twists and turns through the whole series.

When I was in college at that time, I didn’t get a chance to see every one of these episodes.  I probably missed about 1/4 of them.  This was the one show I still remembered and wanted to catch again.  They did show some of this show on A&E, but not since I had a Tivo.  When this DVD set came out, I rented it through Netflix and took the time to watch a couple episodes a day.  It was worth it.

Now, I want to get caught up on 24.  I am on Season 2 right now, but only a couple episodes in.

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