My beginner training and game tonight was a tough one.  I skated hard all through practice, even though some of the drills weren’t structured toward goalies.  It just made me realize that although I feel that I am in good condition, I really am not.  I play a lot of hockey, but when it comes to endurance, I could improve that a great deal I think.  The game was pretty good.  I stopped some pretty good shots, but I still let 2 in at the end of the day.  Not a bad effort, but I feel I could play a bit better than that.

So now, here I sit, listening to Bowling for Soup and relaxing before I hit the sack for the night.  This is the way things are for me after a hockey game.  Relaxed, a little tired, but still a little wired after the rush of playing.  I may move over to the NHL ESPN 2005 hockey game on the Xbox and then get in bed by 1am.  Tomorrow is always a little tough after about 6 hours of sleep.  I still think playing hockey is worth it.