I have mixed feelings about the back to back games I played today.  On one hand, I made some good saves and did some things real well.  On the other hand, I got beat by some long shots I should have had.  My Bulldogs fell 9-6 (2 empty net goals) and then the Rage team I played for fell 8-4.  The Rage game I was just as upset about because I was just out of gas after a long day and couldn’t get anything going in the 2nd half.

The problem I had with some of those goals was that I was sitting too deep in my net.  When I was coming out of the net like I did last game on Monday, I really played a lot better.  During the first half of my Bulldogs game, I was doing the same thing.  The only goal I gave up was a breakaway.  Otherwise, I contained all the scoring chances.  The wheels really fell off my Bulldogs team in the 2nd half when we gave up 5 straight goals.  We got back on the horse and scored 5 more to tie it up.  The deciding goal came with less than 3 minutes to play in the game off a very nice shot from the point that I didn’t even see cause I was screened.

I won’t even talk about the Rage game I played because I am pretty down on myself.  If I was on my game, that game should have been a lot closer.