Great comeback

Last night, the Bulldogs had a huge comeback. After being down 4-0, and being outshot and outplayed, the Bulldogs came back to score 6 unanswered to win the game. I knew we were still in that game, even when we were down by so much. My confidence didn’t waver at all to be honest with you. I really can’t say I felt indifferent about the score, just more like I was going to keep doing the best job I could to keep the puck out of the net. Well, my team woke up and we ended up winning the game.

The first period wasn’t a horrible period for me, but there was one shot I should have had. Otherwise, we were just outplayed. I only faced 4-5 shots in that last period, and those were pretty easy to turn aside. I suppose the good thing is that I kept my confidence and cool through the game.