The Raw Deal

Ok, this entry of my journal is going to be on who is getting a raw deal.

1.  Theo Fleury – The little sparkplug finally got into the Ontario Leauge, after weeks of bitching.  Today, the people who are responsible for trying to keep him out are still bitching.  Maybe it was because of his substance abuse.  I don’t know.  Personally, it pisses me off.  Here is a guy that loves to play hockey.  He has made mistakes, but is trying hard at staying clean.  He has been clean for a while now.  Let the man play and stop your bitching.  Leave him alone.

2.  Hockey fans – Yes, you read it right.  All hockey fans are getting a major raw deal.  The league and the players union just got done with talks today, and no progress was made.  Both sides are unwilling to bring in a negotiator or a neutral party to help them.  Neither side seems willing to bend.  In all this, the fans are being screwed out of watching hockey.  Personally, after holding on and hoping that a deal would be reached, after today I am fustrated as all get out.  The cancelation of the season is all that remains.  As a true hockey fan, this upsets me.  It makes me wonder if the league planned this out from day one.  Maybe they wanted to have the season go belly up this year so they could claim an impasse, declare all contracts null and void, and then declare new employment guidelines.  Well, if they did, the players union isn’t helping matters.  They don’t seem to want to budge either.  It is a difficult issue, but neither side is willing to work, so the fans are going to be left out in the cold.

Cancel the season please.  Let all of us hockey fans go on with our lives.  Be the first North American sport to cancel an entire season due to a labor dispute.  Come on!  Set the bar!  You know you want to.

The shameful part of it is if they did come back to play, I would probably go see them play.  That is how much of a hockey nut I am.

2 Replies to “The Raw Deal”

  1. Some responses:

    1. I personally don’t feel too sorry for Theo Fleury. This isn’t about second chances — he’s on his 4th or 5th chance by now. He doesn’t deserve anymore leniency than a Link Gaetz or a Jere Karahlati, both guys who just continued to make the same mistakes over and over…

    2. The players union seems to be very divided right now. Jeremy Roenick made some strange, non-union-backing comments on ESPN last night, Tim Taylor made some odd comments to a Florida TV station, and other players have been making comments like them as well. I don’t blame the Owners. They’re going to get their cap, and the union can sod off. I think it’s finaly sunk in with the union that Goodenow has been totally misleading them about the owners’ resolution and strength in the matter, and I thin the Owners are *dead* real about getting their cap and not moving on until they do.

    Personally… I don’t care if they cancel TWO seasons. If it gets them a cap and ensures the viability of the sport andf league from here on out, I’ll be the frist one in line to return as a fan when play returns.

    In the meantime, I can survive off things like this weekend’s NCAA Hockey Rivalry Weekend I guess. MSU-UM… MIN-WIS… The Beanpot starts Monday in Boston… yes it sucks having no NHL. But I’d rather go without it for a little while now than have it screwed-up long-term.

    — Primis.

  2. 1. True, but I don’t believe in holding grudges. There are people that just don’t want to see him play and that is just mean. I agree, he may be on his 4th or 5th chance, and anyone going through substance abuse knows how hard it is. I just think that bygones should be bygones.

    2. I agree. The right system in place is what we need. I guess I am just a little tired of the theatrics. 🙁

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