Just a little disappointed

Ok, going to spout off about a some things I am disappointed in.

The status of the NHL. They are still in limbo. Both sides are in control of a 2 billion dollar industry and they can’t come to a fair agreement. Caught in between are the fans who love the game. Hockey fans are the most die hard of them all. If the league starts playing again, the fans will return. However, I just don’t understand how the NHL can be at an impasse. Are both sides being greedy? I know the owners are in a tight spot, but are they asking for too much? Just make a deal. Split the revenue right down the middle. Start playing again.

My ice hockey goaltending. Tonight I let in 4 goals on about 12 shots I think. I just wasn’t that sharp, and that was disappointing. Made a big mistake when I played the puck behind the net and left it there for one of their forwards to collect it, center it, and it get shot past me. I have to play that puck up the boards. I also know I have to play better than that, and with rollerhockey starting back up next week, I don’t have much time. I have high expectations of myself this coming session.

Don’t get me wrong, I think life has been very good to me the last week. I just would like to see a few different results in the little things. 🙂