Well, my ice hockey team that I have played on for over two years has up and folded.  Ok, let me chime in on some mixed feelings I have on this team.  First the pros and then the cons…

I enjoyed playing for Windemuller Electric for the last two years.  In that time, I have made some good friendships with people on that team.

There really was no sense of competition on the team.  Mainly because the team wasn’t built to be that way.  That is a plus and a minus in itself.  Imagine, if you will, half of the team not caring what happens from one game to the next.  The other half consist of some people who care and some who just don’t.  This is why we had 8-10 guys show up one game and 15 guys show up in another game.  No communication on who was going to be there and who wasn’t.

I wouldn’t have to say I was leaning towards leaving them, but this decision to split the team up comes as no suprise to me.  Near the end of the season, some long time members were starting to talk about forming their own team.  It also came to no suprise when these members who split off decided to get another goalie.  There are a lot of goalies who are better than I am, and me not being asked to play just doesn’t suprise me.  The thing that irritates me is the lack of communication.  However, since I wasn’t their choice anyway, I suppose that they have every right to keep me in the dark.  You would think after a few years of loyal service they would at least call and tell me what was going on.

Anyway, time for a fresh start…

I am hoping this Doug Smith Instructional program will not only give me some much needed work, but also allow me to meet new players and maybe get a new team.  Lets face it, no team is forever.  I learned that lesson a few times the hard way with the Zingers, Stick Heads, and now with Windemuller.  As much as I like longevity, it just doesn’t happen in the hockey world.  I have to be able to roll with the punches and come out ready to fight again.  This instructional will be a good step for me and I can’t wait until tomorrow for the first class.