Just a little short

My bid for my 9th championship will have to wait 3 months or so.

After getting ousted in my first game with Vintage Painting by a 1-0 score, there was a little promise when my Bulldogs played.  After beating the defending champion Reforms 3-2, we just couldn’t get anything going against the top ranked Fighting Squirrels.  The Squirrels outshot us 31-10, and beat us 3-0 in the championship game.  I felt bad about it yesterday, but after some reflection, I have come to terms with what happened.  The flat out fact of the matter is that we were dominated in that game.  No question.  When the opposing team tripples your shot output, there is a problem.  I still finished the game with above a .900 save percentage, which is good all things considered.  It still hurts all the same.

The first goal they scored on me could have been prevented.  The shot was sailing over the net, but I reached up and batted it down.  A wide open forward was there to hit it out of midair and put it in the net.  It was a good goal, and I gave up a similar one before in a game vrs 40oz to Freedom earlier in the season.  My glove hand needs work, I will tell you that much.  Anyway, from now on, if I am going to bat something away, do it to the side if possible.  I don’t think that goal gave them all the momentum in the game, but it was one that could have been prevented.

The second goal was a pretty deflection that I couldn’t do anything about.  The third was a miscue by one of my forwards and he gave the puck away in the slot.  Really, that was a bad situation to begin with.  I didn’t have time to make a decision on what I was going to do so it really wasn’t my fault either.

Still, the loss hurts all the same.  It was history after it happened, but I still remember these kinds of things.  I still remember every championship I have won, but also those that I have lost.  I have routinely asked, what if I played differently?  The flat out fact of the matter is that it wouldn’t have mattered.  We were just outplayed and that was the root of our problem.  If we lost 1-0, I might have felt worse about the result.  However, after looking at the stats and doing some thinking, I don’t feel as bad.  It actually reminds me of a Bronze game I played back before we won our first championship.  This X-Rite team dominated us with fast back checking.  We just couldn’t get anything going against them and they rolled over us 7-2.  However, we did come back and make our mark the next playoff series.  I have every confidence things will turn around for us in the future.

Well, now I get 2 weeks off from rollerhockey.  I will have ice hockey once a week starting on Tuesday for the next 8 weeks so I will stay in shape.  I will return focused next session.