I really don’t have an appropriate title for this post, so I will just start talking and see where it leads.

First, I am going to comment on the NHL strike.  It seems there are a lot of people who either want to see the NHL fall flat on its face and not play any games at all.  There are a lot of die hard hockey fans that want to see professional hockey this year.  Will we see any NHL hockey?  Who knows.  This is playing out like a soap opera of epic proportions.  I am glad that time is ticking down.  Now we will see what sides want to fix this problem.  So far, I have only seen the players association go the extra mile.  Why aren’t the owners doing what they need to do to make a deal?  Why are they waiting for the players to do something?  I would be on that phone every day asking for a meeting.  I would be negotiating, giving and taking, trying to come to a deal.  In the end, there is a deal to be made, but it seems like no one on either side cares much.

Except maybe Trevor Linden.  I have new respect for this man.  At least he had the balls to call a meeting and go out of his way to do something when the big muckity mucks were watching everything happen.


Get a deal done guys.

Ok, I got that out of the way, now I can talk about my personal hockey life.

My ice hockey team is going the way of the dodo I think.  Some of the skilled players are leaving to form their own team, with a new goalie at the helm supposedly.  Now, I called to get some information on this, but I got the run around which tells me that some people didn’t have the balls to come up to me and tell me these things.  Either that or they were afraid of hurting my feelings.  Either way, it stings a little.  However, maybe it is time for a change.  I have agreed to be a part of Doug Smiths adult hockey instruction.


I am going to get a lot of work, and see if I can get on a new team down the road.  For right now, I will get plenty of practice time, a little instruction, and then a fresh start elsewhere on the ice.  That is all I can ask for.

This Saturday is playoffs for rollerhockey.  I have one team in for sure, and hopefully tonight, I will have 2 teams in.  I skate out on this team, and after last seasons undefeated run we made and then one playoff game upset, I have something to prove.  Our team has something to prove.  Going to work on that and see if we can get in tonight.

More tomorrow on playoffs and then on Saturday discussing the aftermath.

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  1. While I wish the NHL heads would get off their asses and DO something rather than demand more more more, I think I’ll be glad if they (the heads) fail and lose the millions of dollars they’d be otherwise getting if there was a season. If the NHL goes away, I think certain TV networks will consider picking up other leagues, which could be a really good thing. I mean, hockey is hockey. While watching pro’s is exciting, I enjoy watching a FSU hockey game just as much. And you know their record – pros they ain’t. =) From what I’ve heard (and I STILL haven’t seen these guys), the Muskegon Fury are just awesome to watch. There’s other hockey to be had. Hopefully, the players that really want to play will join another league soon.

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