Bulldogs 7-3 Record

Overall, a very good season.  We finished with a 7-3 record, which isn’t bad.  However, our last two games we lost 4-3.  With playoffs on the horizon, I will admit that I am nervous.  The only thing I keep wishing for is a strong performance come Saturday.  If I play a good game and we lose, I will have no regrets.  If I don’t do my part, then I will feel pretty bad.  I just know I will.  Case in point, a couple sessions ago when my Bulldogs went to the playoffs and lost to this Fighting Squirells team 5-2.  I won 2 other championships that day, but that loss was still a hard one.  Even though I didn’t play a horrible game, I didn’t play good enough to win.  Same goes for the last playoff game the Bulldogs lost 5-4 against the Komets.  Did I play my best game?  Not really.

I have a lot to prove to myself this coming playoff day.  I need to play strong for both my teams.  Most of all, the Bulldogs games will mean the most for me.  It is championship or bust in my mind.  Anything less is a failed season.  Course, that is the way it is every season to me.  If you don’t win your last game, then it is a bad season.

Maybe I am putting too much pressure on myself, but considering the competition I am up against, I have to play strong.