Months after the season 2 finale of Nip/Tuck, I went looking for this song called “All I know”.  Those people who watch the show will remember what part this song was played in.  Needless to say, I still remember it to this day.  It is amazing how a show director knows how to push the buttons of an audience by using music.  Sometimes, we look around for songs that define us in times of happiness, sadness, etc.  Look at me for instance, I picked up a few songs after winning my first set of championships in hockey.  When I hear those songs, it reminds me of those things.

Being as emotional as I am, I have learned that I am a sucker for this kind of thing.  That may be bad for my goaltending, but I am only human after all.  Even today, I have fond memories of the good things, but also remember the bad things that have happened.  I am a positive guy, so the negative things are gone from my memories for the most part, but you still remember them.  They pop into my head during difficult times.

I so want to be a champion again.  I want to lift that trophy again, but not just for me.  I want to do it for the teams I have led into the playoffs before and lost with.  I want to see the joy in their eyes as much as I want to feel alive again.  You can call hockey a drug to me, because it is.  However, being the last team standing in a tournament or championship is intoxicating.  Being part of a team is important to me.

I know a lot of these thoughts are just thrown out in this post.  To be honest, I am a little tired and it is hard to concentrate.  However, I had this overload of things to put down and now I will sleep better tonight.

This week was a hard one in hockey.  My Bulldogs fell to Reforms so that puts us in 2nd place, with a chance to take over 1st on Monday.  I don’t know what to expect after the hard effort we had last time we played this Squirrels team.  If we falter, then we are still in the playoff picture, so it isn’t a must win.  It is just good to go into a playoff series on a high note.  In the other team I skate out on, we dropped our 3rd game of the season, and are on the playoff bubble.  If we want to get in for sure, we must win next week.

On a somewhat sad note, my ice hockey team is up in the air.  Will the captain come back and recreate the team?  Will I have a team to play on in Febuary?  I hope so.

I still remember my last game with my summer ice hockey team, the first one I played on.  The last game of the season was a hard one.  We made it to the finals after winning 1-0 in the semifinals and got toasted by the opposing team 6-2.  I shed tears in that last game, mainly because I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to play with that group again.  I still haven’t to this day, and I am still unhappy about it.


Well, time for bed.