New Years Resolution!

After some reflection on the game last night, I have to make a promise to myself.  This promise is something that I need to keep to not only myself, but the teams I play for.  That promise is to stay calm.

Last night, I ended up taking a dumb penalty that cost our team a goal.  That goal could have been the difference in the game.  In a close game, that was the dumbest move I could have made.  Even though I felt it was reasonable at the time, it wasn’t.

My New Years Resolution is to keep my cool a little better than I have been out there.  The second part of tha tresolution is to keep playing and stay confident about myself and the team I play for.  Those things will make me a better goaltender.

Snow and Hockey

It is amazing how Michigan drivers react to the first major snow of the season.  Here it is in December, and we got our first major snowstorm today.  I wouldn’t quite call it a storm, so lets call it a few inches of snow with a little wind.  Anyway, traffic was backed up for miles trying to get on the highway.  People were driving like morons.  Trying to change lanes required 3 car lengths for some people.  Others had to slow down to 25 just to merge off.  It simply astounds me how Michigan drivers can be this dumb.

Now that I got that rant out of the way….

My Bulldogs team made it 6-1 with a 5-4 win tonight.  I played another average game, gave the other team a 2 man advantage when I took a dumb penalty, and the team around me played great D.  The story of my hockey season so far.  The thing I fear that will bite me and/or my team in the ass come playoff time.  We should be ready considering we have the defending champions for 2 games straight and the Fighting Squirrels for another game.  They are ranked 2 and 3 in the division for a reason.

That is where I will know if I am going to be ready.