Nothing comes easy

There are many things that life throws at you.  Some good and some bad.  Getting through those times are never easy.  Even if they are good.  For instance, you can work hard at acheiving a championship.  When you get there it is good, but it is never easy to do it again.

Getting that 9th championship has been my goal.  Getting there is always the hardest part.  Will it be this session or 4 sessions from now?

In order to acheive that goal, I have been working extra hard by taking more games than I normally play.  Sure, I am taking more time off, but if I take a few extra games here and there, that will help me.  I played two last night and got beat in both games, although neither of them were my fault we lost.  I played two solid games, and I am ready to play for my established teams again.

The Bulldogs are 4-1 so far and first in the division.  However, the points between 1st and last are only separated by 5.  In short, anyone is going to be able to win these next few games.  I will need to play strong hockey in order to stay at the top of the division.

My Vintage painting team is right in the middle of the pack, but we are last in goals scored for.  We need to get the puck into the net.

I have an ice hockey game tonight and I will write more about them later.  🙂