It was a great week last week.  Got to visit the relatives down south in Kentucky, eat a fantastic Thanksgiving day meal, and get home a day early on Saturday.  I spent Sunday pretty much relaxing after all the travel and running around for 4 days.

On Sunday, on an impulse, I bought World of Warcraft.  This was a change up for me because I really just took a chance on this game.  So far, as of Monday night, I am enjoying it after some casual gaming.

Today, I played an excellent game in an 8-3 victory over the Fighting Squirrels.  However, there is much room for improvement on my game.  I made some good stops, but also allowed some weak goals.  The Fighting Squirrels were undefeated up to this game for a reason.  They just didn’t play well tonight.  It gets harder from here on out let me tell you that much.

Right now, I am pretty tired after waking up extra early this morning.  I won’t be up much longer as I can barely hold my eyes open.