I thought I might write a quick piece before I head out for the weekend.  It has been a really busy last two weeks.  I got my feature story done for USCHO, I still have my day job, my new XM Satellite Radio is installed in the car, and hockey continues to treat me well for the most part.

First thing I want to log is my hockey experiences.  My Bulldogs team is undefeated, but we have a strong test in front of us.  We are 3-0 right now and lead the division.  We are 2nd in goals for and 2nd in goals against which is a good thing.  However, our test is the defending champions for 2 games and another strong team the Fighting Squirrels for 2 games.  4 of our last 7 games are going to be killer ones let me tell you that much.  That will show where we stand in the division.

I hit another post last night in my Vintage Painting beginner game.  That makes 4 posts on the year I have hit and man that really bites.  The good thing is I am taking the passes a little better than I was and skating with the puck a lot better as well.  I still need to work on my transition skating and my endurance.  After skating out for about a minute at full bore, I am exhausted while others can go much faster and longer than I can.  I love to skate out though.  It is a new challenge and as long as I get the opportunity, I am going to do it.

Ice hockey has been a different story.  After going 1-0-3 in our first four games, we have dropped 4 in a row.  Last nights score was 8-4, and I did let a couple soft ones in.  Course, I faced like 30 shots and made some fantastic saves during the course of the game.  I was a little hard on myself last night, and my confidence dipped a bit.  After a good nights sleep though and some time to reflect, I was pretty content with things overall.  My team scored more goals last night than in the previous 3 games combined.  However, we were outscored 30-7 in our last 4 games.  Some of that is due to me, but it also has to do with the team not playing as a team.  There is no passing for the most part.  The players try to take it up the ice on their own and when you have that going on and the other team is playing like a team, you are in a world of hurt.

The good thing is that I have been practicing one extra day a week at ice hockey and that helped my game last night.  I am going to try to show up on Monday for lunchtime skate and get a little work next week.  Otherwise, I am going to try to make every Wednesday.  The holidays next week are going to put a bite on that though.

Gotta run!