Hockey and the Elections

Hockey has been good to me the last few days.  I have won all 3 of my games that I have played.  One of them in OT last night with a team I am subbing for, Butchs Wings.  I have to admire these guys I played with last night.  They aren’t the most talented team, but they work hard and that is all you can ask for.

My Bulldogs got their first win in a 8-4 victory on Monday.  I let in a couple weak goals, but overall I am pleased with my performance.  It was my first rollerhockey game in over 2 weeks so I was allowed to make some mistakes.  I played stronger as time went on and that helped me in my second game of the night when I subbed for Dekline Builders and won 6-5.

Some people said I stood on my head for the Builders game and even for the Wings game.  I just want to play well and I came up with some good saves to keep the game close or keep us ahead.  Now I get tonight off and then tomorrow I get to skate out and play ice hockey at night.

Now, for the elections….

I have never been a political person.  Even when I casted my vote last night, I really can’t say I was impressed with either candidate.  I placed my vote based on a few issues that were important to me.  One of them was a woman’s right to choose.  Another was stem cell research.  Therefore, as you might expect, I voted for Kerry.

I watched the results as they came in last night, although not in real time.  I watched a lot of shows on my Tivo last night instead.  I went to bed and slept like a baby.  This morning, the conservatives are celebrating and the liberals are praying.  On any other normal day, that would be reversed.  🙂

Why are people so upset or so pleased over the results of this election?  In my opinion, the loser of this election will be the American people, no matter who gets in office.  I am done following the political commentary, vote counting, and the litigation that is going to follow.