I got shelled last night and I feel it this morning.  That game last night took a lot out of me physically.  It isn’t everyday that my beginner team plays an intermediate team of that caliber.  I had a couple nice diving stops and moves across the crease.  Overall, I played a very good game.  Just wish teams like that wouldn’t be playing in a beginner division.  Course, everyone is looking for an edge.

2 Replies to “Shelled”

  1. As for those intermidiates playing in the beginner league.. that’s common down here. My theory ” we need to find ringers who can beat their ringers”

    I played my first B league game last night, so I know the feeling. Actually I expected more shots than I got, but what I did get were quality shots, and it was a win.

  2. It happens in every hockey league. Everyone wants an edge. This team I play with though has been playing together for a while. I am happy to keep playing with them reguardless of what opposition I face. 🙂

    That is the right attitude to have.

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