A strongly played game

My 1-0-3 Windmeuller Electric team faced off against an undefeated Mullets team today in my Beginner ice hockey league.  After not playing ice hockey for a week and a half, I was geeked to play.  I played probably one of my best games in a 7-0 loss.  Yes, loss.  The other team was heads and shoulders above my team in terms of talent.  I would go as far to say this other team could be playing on intermediate as they had no weak skaters or shooters.

Every goal that they scored was a good one.  The last goal of the game was the only one I made a mistake on, and that was because I just lost my concentration at that point in the game.  Gotta remember that when the game is 5-0 and you make a big deal out of one goal with only 10 minutes left in the game, it isn’t worth it.  🙂

My committment to getting better at playing ice hockey starts next week when I log more ice time by playing either at lunch one time a week or playing drop in late at night.  I want to succeed and play better at ice hockey.  I am already doing decent this season, but there is MUCH room for improvement.