Enjoying my downtime

With rollerhockey over with, I took a week vacation and went down to Dallas last week.  In that time, I did very little to nothing when it came to photography or goaltending.  I needed a chance to get away from things for a while.  I did a lot of computer gaming.  Rome: Total War was a new game I got hooked on.  I did a little paintball, grilling, and otherwise did very little to nothing.  It was a good break from the norm.

When I stepped off the plane in Michigan on Sunday, I was ready to start playing hockey again.  My first practice is on Wednesday, and I have ice hockey on Thursday.  It will be my first time playing in almost a week and a half and my body is fully healed and ready to play.

Last season was a disappointing one for me.  In the last 2 sessions prior to the last one, I had won 3 trophies and many playoff bound teams.  I got nothing this last time around, and that empty feeling revisited me.  When I get that feeling, it just means I need to work harder.

I have Ferris State hockey to cover this weekend in a home and home game series with Michigan.  On top of that, I may be covering some of the Griffins games in the next few weeks.