Another playoff day is over

It is something I look forward to every 3 months.  The chance to succeed in a playoff series.  However, this season didn’t work out as much as I wanted it to.

I struggled all season in Copper and Aluminum.  I came up with some decent games and did my part at times, but as I have said in the past, I was disappointed with the outcome.  No playoffs for either of my teams in these divisions.

My Bronze team was ousted in the first round by a score of 4-2.  I played average, which isn’t good enough to secure a win at that level.  The beginner team I skate out on, Vintage Painting, was beaten in the first round as well by a 4-1 score.  I didn’t get much ice time, mainly because I wanted to win and I am not the best on the team as a skater.

Overall, this season was a disappointing one.  Of course, anytime you don’t go all the way and win your last game, there is an empty feeling.  At least there is one for me.  This has been the first time in 6 months where I didn’t have a successful team in the playoffs.  That is a long time to be sitting on top and looking down at the other teams when it is all over.  Especially when your team wasn’t the best out there, and you stole a game or two in a single elimination playoff round.  I have a lot of good memories and I feel accomplished that I have acheived so much.

Now, for the next 2 weeks I am going to rest and then come back strong next session.  Gone is my Aluminum team and my Bronze team.  I will only be playing roller 2 times next session, and only goaltending one time a week for that matter.  I am going to fulfill my promise to my ice hockey team and play one additional time per week on ice.  That should help improve my ice game a bit.

Quick rundown of my schedule

Monday – Copper rollerhockey
Tuesday – Drop in ice hockey
Thursday – Skating out in beginner roller, ice hockey goaltending

I am glad I am going to get some time off to not only work on my skills in drop in, but to allow myself to recouperate.  I was playing every night of the week practically, and I think it was affecting my game.  I was losing my focus, and my body was aching from one day to the next.  As much as I want to play, I have to realize at age 32, the playing 5-6 times a week is over for me.

2 Replies to “Another playoff day is over”

  1. I think you are making a good decision.

    I had been playing 4 -5 times a week, and by the weekend, where I really needed to be playing my best, I was beat and getting beat

    I’m now down to 2 nights a week, with an occasional drop in. I’m having more fun, and my game is improving. And feeling 40 instead of 47!

    I’ve started skating out one night a week. I’m really bad, but having fun, and I know that no one will be asking me to change positions. Job security!

  2. I am convinced that playing in goal requires not only mental discipline but a little bit of self control. It sure is fun to play, but you can’t play every night or multiple times in a night. I should have taken this lesson from you when you dropped down in playing time. I learned my lesson this time around though. Next session is going to be fun. Until then, 2 weeks of relaxation is in order. 🙂

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