Bulldogs end of season recap

After our last game, I got to thinking about this season overall with the Bulldogs.  It was our first in Copper, and while we won some good games, we also didn’t play up to expectations.  I was hoping we would at least get a playoff spot, but you don’t do that losing 6 games out of 10 in a season.  We finished with 57 goals for which will end up being about 3rd in the league out of 8 teams.  Our 57 goals against will rank 6th out of 8 teams, which was horrible.  That says defensively, we struggled this season.  I can say from my standpoint, I didn’t play very well this season overall.  Too many weak goals and my confidence waivering.  I have a good feeling about next session as to the new guys we are bringing on.  The bad thing is our defense isn’t improving next session.  I just don’t know what to expect to be honest with you.

One thing I have to say is that I expect a lot better things out of myself next session with the Bulldogs.  I owe them a lot better than they got this session and I don’t care how hard I have to work, I am going to improve.

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  1. Let me respond to your earlier message and say your my favorite goalie. Well your my only goalie but still my favorite. I enjoy playing in front of you each game and you are big part of the team. The GA is something we need to talk about. Jeremy and I had a better GAA then Adam and Mike and they are very good defensemen. Cooper/Bronze/Silver level. But we still had a horrible GAA. I believe the answer is TEAM DEFENSE. Our forwards need to be more committed to the concept of putting pressure on the puck carrier. This is probably a subject for another forum but I wanted throw in my two cents. I’m looking forward to next session and I will see you on the 27th.

  2. Team Defense is a good start, but I am a firm believer that I can play better than I did. I have had varying levels of success throughout my short career. In that time, I have had both good and bad seasons. I consider this one to be a bad one, but it is not the teams’ fault. I consider myself to be responsible for some of the weak goals I was giving up. I just feel that I have to stop those shots. Seems that I was giving up one of those weak goals per game, and when other goalies are not giving those up, they are killer goals.

    Maybe I was playing too much this season, which I admit I was playing a lot. Maybe it was because I put too much pressure on myself to be perfect. My confidence was high most of the time, and then low at times during the games/season. Mainly because I want so much to prove to myself and others that I can play this game.

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