Strong showing

After a horrible game last night, I had a very good game today in a 5-3 victory.  I made a some very strong saves through the course of the game.  I did make one mistake that they scored on to make it a one goal game.  That was a horrible mistake where I came out of the net to play the puck and completely missed it and they put it in while I was out of the net.  Blah!

It was a much needed win, and it was a day that I decided to make some changes.  The first was to cut back on the amount of teams that I am playing for.  Therefore, I have some tough decisions to make by the end of this coming session.

I will go over more later.

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  1. ive done the multiple teams thing before. it got expensive after a while! besides, i think its better to concentrate your effort with one team, instead of spreading it out among a couple. besides, if you stick with one team, you learn to work with them a lot better because its just one set of guys, instead of however many teams you’re on at the moment. plus you’ll become a lot closer to your team (especially if they find out you arent playing for anyone else!).

    love your journal.

  2. Thanks for the praise and such. I am going to add you to my friends list!

    It isn’t as much expense as it is my physical body rebelling against me. I play 6 times a week right now. 2 times on Tuesday and Wednesday. When you play that much, my body has no time to recover. I am 32 now, and when I was 29 I didn’t have a problem with this. Now, I am just physically out of it. I have no problems getting up for the games, but it is the physical after effects like the acheing that kills you. I know some professional sports figures that play less than I do. 🙂

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