Miserable outing

I banked so much on the fact this was a key game that in the end I blew it.  Not to say it was entirely my fault, but I just screwed it up.  We lost 6-4, and we were down 6-2 with less than 2 minutes to go.  Did my team have a problem scoring goals?  Yes.  Did their team get some key bounces?  You bet they did.  However, I made key mistakes in a few of those goals.  I am not going to rehash those goals, because they are best forgotten.  A goalie has to have a short memory, and while my memory of the score may go away, my failure to the team will go on.

This reminds me of the Team X season when I first came on boards a few sessions ago.  Our first session, we finished 3rd and lost in the first round of the playoffs by a 2-1 score.  The goal that finished it off?  A shot from behind the net that hit me in my skate and went in.  Some people called it an own goal.  I choose to call it a nice shot and a lucky bounce.  The next season, we won it all.  The Bulldogs will learn from that lesson and come back strong next session.

The Bulldogs had trouble this season.  There is no doubting that.  We have had good chemistry at times, and others we have struggled.  With one game left and our playoff hopes all but gone, all I have left is pride to play for.  Well, that and redeeming myself after a poor game.

2 Replies to “Miserable outing”

  1. man, sounds like you’ve had a tough season. i’m with you though….long as you go OUT on a good note, that can ease a lot of pain because then you can at least know that the “last time you played” was a good outing.

  2. Well, I wouldn’t have to say it was that tough on me. The issue is that I set my goals VERY high. I want to go out on a winning note and go the distance in the playoffs. Anything less is somewhat of a failure to me. I want to succeed and sometimes that can be a bad thing. Like last session, when I went undefeated on a team and then lost in the second round of the playoffs. I took that loss hard, mainly because I worked hard all season. The key is that there are many levels of success. You just have to come on out and work harder.

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