Down to the wire

The playoff races are heating up.  However, I am really only in one to speak for right now.  That would be my Bulldogs team who sits 4-4 right now and need help to get into the race.  Not only that, but we need to win our next 2 games to make it interesting.  This against 2 teams we have yet to beat this season.  The challenges never stop.  Not that I want that though.  If it wasn’t challenging, I wouldn’t be playing.

Speaking of challenges, I have to have a good game on Wednesday in ice hockey.  I am considering doing the lunchtime hockey at the ice center until I get my feet under me.  Seems that last game I was flopping around out there like a dead fish.  Probably more so than I am used to.  It has been almost 2 months since I played ice hockey, so maybe I should figure on a little adjustment time.

Can’t look to another game though before my first one at 6 today.  My Bulldogs lose, they are out of the playoffs for sure.  No room for mistakes today.