Late night

Well, it is after 4am and I am not asleep.  Not because I can’t sleep, but because we have a T1 line down at one of remote locations at work.  This is a 24/7 shop and I have been on the phone to them and AT&T throughout the evening.  It is now approaching on 7 hours the T1 has been down.  Bellsouth is starting to come through this looking pretty bad.  I am going to call here in a few minutes to get a status update.

On the hockey front, my bronze team won its second in a row by a 10-7 score.  However, I am quick to look at how I did in the game.  First, the goaltender for the other team didn’t play a great game.  Second, the other team was missing a couple players.  Last, I wasn’t that strong in net.  I am going to need to play flawless hockey in order to beat that team again.  My angles were way off again today.

I am trying to stay awake, but it is getting harder and harder as time goes on.  Better stop typing this and get to doing something else to pass the time.