The return of ice hockey

I want to talk about this first since it was on my mind last night. I haven’t played ice hockey in a long time. Too long actually. When I stepped out there to play last night, I felt comfortable at first, but I made a lot of mistakes. It is beginner/intermediate, so I am allowed some mistakes. You could tell I was rusty though. I found myself back in the net a few times. I was not playing my angles as well as could have been. Yes, we won 10-1, but I have a lot to improve on. This team went .500 last season and has NEVER won a playoff game. I am going to concentrate on having fun and trying to improve my game. We won’t run the table I tell you that much. We have a good team, but there are going to be teams that are going to give us a run for our money or give us the 10-1 blowout losses. I will tell you that much right now.