Nice weekend away from hockey

Aside from losing the cat on Thursday and having not seen it for over 2 days now, my wife and I still went on vacation up to the Leelanau Peninsula near Traverse City.  It was our second stint at wine tasting, and we had a lot of fun going around to all the wineries.  As a bonus, we got a shirt, glass, food at each stop, and a great view of the area.  I would like to come up here and live at some point, however, I would need to get my masters or PhD so I could teach at the local college.  There are just not many IT jobs up here.  My wife is set on a job though…part of being a doctor of Pharmacy I guess.

My brother is at our place changing the bait in the live trap cages to try to catch the cat, if it is still alive.  As I said, we haven’t seen it for 2 days and as the time goes on, who knows if it is still alive.  I have already conditioned myself to the fact that we may never see it again.  There are so many things that could have happened to it by now, but there is still a chance.  One thing is for sure, missing is a heck of a lot harder on both my wife and I than dead.  You sort of get this false sense of hope, something I am NOT going to cling to in this situation.  I also am not going to second guess myself anymore.  I feel I did the right thing by bringing in a critter service to try to get the cat out from under the porch, even though I haven’t seen it again since its escape.  There are other things I have regretted in this situation…but second guessing myself is over with.

Tomorrow we go home and I can concentrate on hockey again.  I am really looking forward to putting on the pads again.