The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good
I chipped in a goal, my 3rd of the season, in my skating out league.  It was definetly a confidence boosting goal, mainly because I hit it out of midair but well below the crossbar.  It was a nice rebound shot and those 3 goals are a new high for me for a season.

The Bad
I dropped all 3 of my games this week in net.  I am not keeping track of my record, but my magic number so far this season in net is 2.  That is as in 2 wins in over 20 games I have played.  Quite miserable if you ask me.

The Ugly
The game last night was quite ugly.  Not only were there a couple fights, but my team lost in what should have been a win for us.  We had the other team down to 5 skaters, and just couldn’t pull it together.  I let in a couple weak goals, but when a majority of the chances are coming at you in odd man rushes, it was quite unsettling.

I will cut out on this note…
My confidence is still very high.  Losing these games has not brought me down at all.  I look forward to my next game next week.  This weekend is going to mainly be for me to relax.  I have a left upper leg problem that is bothering me.  Feels like a slightly pulled muscle.  I need the downtime before next week hits.  4 days of rest should be good enough.  I think the most physical I am going to get is mowing the lawn.  šŸ™‚