Half the battle

Just keeping my spirits up and my confidence high is half the battle.  So far in net, I have only won 2 games out of my last 17 or so.  Tonight was no exception as my Bulldogs team lost 6-3.  We scored our first goal when we were down by 6, so the game was well over by then.  Overall, I was pleased with my performance.  I gave up only one goal that was totally rotten, but all the other goals they got were good ones.  One was a nice 2 on 1, pass across to a wide open forward who buried it.  Another was a deflection off my own defenseman and in.  We got burned on a couple giveaways in our own zone.  It is the little things that add up in a game like that.

Afterwards, our captain said that our confidence is low before we even go out there.  I have to agree with that assessment.  Just seems like we were flat until there was nothing left to play for.

I am just going to keep on working.  I have a lot of games left to play, and to consider this season a scrapped one is a little premature.  I have to just go out there and prove to myself that I can keep getting better.  Cherish the wins as they come, but shrug off the losses.  Keep my spirits high.