No room for error

Played twice yesterday, and lost twice.  The story of my season so far.  I am learning to roll with the punches though for all intensive purposes.

The first game we lost 6-4, and the other team had good quality deflections and chances.  I played right about average, and that isn’t going to win many games.  I was not as upset about this game as I was about the second game I lost 5-1.  I let in a real bad goal from center ice to start off the period and I never really recovered.  There was a bank in off my leg from behind the net goal and a bad breakaway decision I made.  I came out too far to take the breakaway away, but he easily stickhandled around me and put it in the net.  I should have sprawled out and took away the whole bottom of the net and made him fall over me.  Oh well….mistakes I learned from, and with all the good games despite my record, I knew I was up for a poor showing.

Got an advanced league game tonight, and then I skate out tomorrow.  Looking forward to playing.