Thoughts on hockey, the olympics, and other general things

Well, my goalie story hasn’t changed at all.  I have played or taken part in 11 games.  In that time, I have lost every game.  It doesn’t matter what game I seem to play, I have come up with the short end of the stick.  Sure, a couple games have been close, and a majority of the games I have lost we lost for a reason.  It was because we didn’t have the players, like 5-6 guys for a full game in 3 of those games.  In other instances, we didn’t have the skill.  Everyone I have talked to has said I have played very well considering the circumstances.  While I have to agree with them, I want to shake this losing off my back.

Meanwhile, I continue to do ok when I skate out.  I didn’t get any goals on Thursday night, and I played like someone who only skates out 1 time a week.  I should have put my ass in front of the net like I did last time.  I scored 2 times doing that, and you would have thought I would have done that again.  Instead, I tried something different.  The score of the game was 8-7 in OT and we came out on top.  It wasn’t as wide open as the score would point to.  They had a lot of good deflections.  So, I have a series of teams at 0-2 right now, and the team I am not goaltending for is 2-0.  Who would have thought that?

Earlier in the season, I was considering a break from the game.  Instead, I am going to go after some teams I have always wanted to play on.  I want to play with my friends once again.  Thats not to say I am playing with strangers this session.  However, I know there are people out there now that I haven’t played with in years.  I don’t know if they will be on teams with no goalie, but I am eager to go that route.

In short, I am too young to think of taking a break.  If I walked away from the game now because of some petty past team or personal problems, that wouldn’t accomplish anything.  It is time to sack up and play some hockey.  The more I play the better.  If I don’t find myself in the winners circle this session, I will again down the road.  It always seems to come around that way.

Speaking of winning, the US is cleaning up on medals in the olympics.  I have been watching off and on for a while now, in between hockey of course.  I really like watching the awards ceremonies the most and seeing the competitors after it is all over.  Some of them shed tears, others stand and smile.  I was never the athletic type in middle or high school.  Sure, I could run cross country, but I was never the varsity competitor.  It wasn’t until I got a real job and could afford the equipment….then I got into hockey.  I look back on how I got to be a fan of hockey and I laugh to myself.  BTW, for those of you who don’t know the story, I was never a hockey fan.  I never even watched a game on TV.  My girlfriend (future wife) won tickets to see our college team play all season.  She gave them to me, and I intended to sell them.  Instead, I went to a game, and got hooked.  Ever since then, it has been a priority of mine.  Watching it went to photographing it.  That led to me writing about it.  Finally, I play it.  Whats next I wonder….

Well, time for bed.  Got a big day tomorrow.