0-6 start in net. Considering a break….

It isn’t my worst start ever, but it is a pretty poor one.  I have a 0-2 start on 2 teams, and an 0-1 start on the other two so far this season.  Not a good one, but not entirely my fault as well.  Last session, I was someone who was depended upon to make a key stop or two during the game.  Now, I am depended upon to steal a game.  I guess I am not built for that kind of goaltending.

Shortly before the game today, I had a thought that after this season, I will stop playing entirely for a while.  Not because of the record so far this season.  Mainly because I am tired of the team politics that come with playing.  The people that I grew and got used to playing with are no longer my teammates.  Those people I know have friends who are better goalies than I am.  Maybe a break is needed.  How long of a break is unknown at this point.  I am going to think more about it in the coming weeks and see what transpires when I talk to a couple friends of mine.