Tough loss

It was probably one of the games I wanted most this season, but I didn’t get it.  My old Stick Heads team took advantage of their opportunities as my Bulldogs team fell 5-4.  It was a good all around game, just a hard loss.  I think I took it harder than the rest of the team did.  Mainly because I had history with the Stick Heads, and a lot of it.

Things to improve on…
Oh where to start…

First, the Stick Heads burned me on two great top corner shots.  I went down WAY too early….the story of my life.  I was working on standing up to those shots, but I didn’t do that today.  I didn’t play a bad game, just not good enough to win.  That has been the story so far this season.  When I am on my game, my team is seriously outgunned and we lose huge.  When I make those little mistakes, it hurts my team in key situations.

My confidence bottomed out on the way out of the rink today.  On the way home it started to inch back up a little.  I still have this really bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that is very hard to describe.  I wouldn’t have to say it is hatred.  It is more like that feeling when you know it is going to be a long season.

So far, the teams I goaltend on are a combined 0-4.  I thought my Bulldogs would go 6-4, and so far we are 0-2.  There is a lot of work that needs to be done.  I thought my Bronze team would get worked, and now I am hopeful when I see some of the new people we are bringing in.  As for my Aluminum team, I thought we might make playoffs.  After our first game, I don’t know what to think.  Whatever happened to the joy of playing just to have fun?  Thats a good question.

4 Replies to “Tough loss”

  1. Might’ve been a tough loss, but it was a 1-goal game – meaning it was a REAL hockey game. You didn’t get blown out. And, knowing you, you were probably being entirely too hard on yourself before and during the game because of who you were playing.

  2. I have a fresh perspective on things this morning, and you are right. I am being entirely too hard on myself. Last session, I had the luxury of being on some good teams where I didn’t need to be dominating. This season, it is a different story.

  3. dudek you played great against us. you kept you’re team in it untill the end. a couple defensive breakdowns is what made the difference. let me break it down for you. one was off a screen, i know you couldn’t see it because you had Roberts’ dumbass in front of you. the last one was a 2 on 1 and i dont care who is in net thats a goal 9 times out of 10. so don’t be to hard on yourself. when my team gives me shit about letting in to many goals, i just tell them to score more :o) i was reading, thats just salt in the wound, you doubled your lifetime total in goals in one game agianst me. ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG BEEEYOTCH!!!!!!!!


  4. I hear ya Neal. However, I can still be critical of my skills in net. We will play each other again and hopefully my Bulldogs team will come out on top.

    Overall though, I just hope I get a chance to play again with you. It is great having you on the same team. 🙂

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