One last word

I guess the problem that I have is the fact that I played so much better last season.  My teams all played great in front of me for the most part.  I went undefeated with one team, and that was a first for me.  Allowing a very low 22 goals in 10 games was just incredible.  Now, this season so far, I haven’t even come close to form.  Course, I am only as good as the teams in front of me.  The Bulldogs are going through some growing pains, but my inability to stop the puck effectivly isn’t helping.  Ground Zero ran out of gas last week, and we will see how they rebound from that this week.  Village Bike Shop got dominated last week, and we will see what happens this week.

I was hoping to make a strong run into the playoffs with at least 2 of these teams.  Now, I just don’t know what to expect.

I am just fustrated at the way things are going down.  I have to find a way to boost my confidence back up to where it has been for the better part of a half year.  I guess getting booted by the Stick Heads did more damage than I want to let on.  The shameful part is if they asked me back after this session, I would be tempted.  Even after how crappy they treated me.  That makes me sick when I think about it.  It angers me either way.

I admit, it is a shitty thing to happen.  It is time to move on and stop thinking about it.  It is time to start focusing on these games.  Moreover, it is time to stop being so critical.  The Bulldogs and the rest of my teams will do as well as the people they have on them.  If this isn’t my time to shine, then I will go at it again next session.