A fresh perspective

I thought about that game I played last night and after a good nights sleep, I feel much better about things. I didn’t play a flawless game by any stretch of imagination. However, I did play well enough to keep my team in the game. I wouldn’t have to say the other goalie wasn’t tested much, but by far I faced more quality chances that he did. I faced a lot more point blank shots and it could have been a lot worse if I played a truely poor game.

This morning, I still have this bad feeling inside me that I haven’t been able to shake. Maybe it is because the Stick Heads are successful without me in net, and after the way I was treated, I wanted to see them struggle. The fact of the matter is that all you need is a capable goalie in front of a good team to be competitive. They have that goalie, and the team is upgraded from what it was last season.

I am going to have to shake this really bad feeling out of my system before my game tonight at 6. It is still eating me alive and if I go into this next game feeling like I am now, I am going to be due another loss. That is the funny thing about playing goal. So much of it is mental. I have been playing with the knowledge that I am going to stop every puck in every game. If I get beat, I move on. I don’t feel like that right now. Right now I feel a lot more human, and that is a bad thing.

Rebounding from this experience is going to help me in the future.