Growing pains

My Bulldogs started off in Copper the same way we ended our playoff run, with a loss.  This one came to the defending champion Reforms to the tune of a 7-4 loss.  I thought my team performed well considering the circumstances.  Some of these guys haven’t played copper before, and it was a big change for them after playing in a lower division.  The ones who have played in the upper divisions knew what was in store obviously.  Our chemistry was all out of whack compared to last session.  We added a lot of new, but experienced, people  It is going to take some time for this team to come into their own.  I believe the Bulldogs have a team that has potential.  The only question is, will we come into our own in time to make a playoff run.

As for my performance, I am not happy.  I am capable of playing so much better than the way I did tonight.  I feel I played an average game, and on a team still finding its legs, that isn’t going to help.  I need to perform a notch higher as my team finds its chemistry and footing in this league.  I really don’t think I let the team down as much as I just didn’t play a solid game that is up to my standards.  For instance, the goaltender for the other team really stepped it up and made some key saves.  I made decent saves when I needed to, but just about every quality scoring chance they had they capitalized on.  Then again, part of the problem could be that I haven’t played an organized game of hockey in about 2 weeks.

Oh well, now I get to concentrate on my game on Tuesday night.  No time to dwell on the should haves.  Gotta concentrate on the next save.