As much as I want to try

There is a part of me that is tearing up inside.

As much as I want to try to forget about the Stick Heads, it is hard not to put them off entirely.  The whole situation still stings like it happened just yesterday.  Today, I still feel empty.  This was all brought on by me looking at the scores and seeing the Stick Heads winning last night.  Lets face it, they have a successful team.  Why they ditched me is still an unknown for me at this point.  The pain is still as real as it was a few weeks ago.

Maybe I am more bitter than anything.

4 Replies to “As much as I want to try”

  1. This is where you say, “Fuck ’em.” You’re in a new place in your hockey life now, no point in looking back over your shoulder and pining for yesterday. Just look ahead to your future with the Bulldogs.

  2. Well yeah, but I’m sure a few Alabama Slammers and a bottle of Goldschlager would help! =D

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