Just drop the puck already!

The last three weeks have been very long.

First, I have played actual games 2 days out of the last three weeks.  I haven’t put my hockey equipment on in the last week and a half.  By tomorrow, it will be almost two weeks since I played.  I am looking forward to getting back out there again.  Don’t get me wrong, the last few weeks have been very relaxing.  I have spent time getting some things done at work and around the house.

I have helped pass the time by watching Season 1 and 2 of the Shield on DVD.  A truely awesome series!  I have also revamped the gallery software on my website to make it easier to house and organize my photographs.  Lastly, I have been playing Doom 3 and Manhunt on my PC.  Both games I haven’t even come close to finishing yet.  I was considering playing some tonight, but after watching Mystic River, Along Came Polly, and a couple episodes of the Dead Zone, I just haven’t got the ambition.  It is time for bed soon.

In essence, the last few weeks have been very lazy for me.  It isn’t that I don’t have the energy, because I do.  I just utilize it in different ways if I am not playing hockey.  Well, I am ready for that to end.  I have the bug to play again, and Monday can’t come too soon.  This session is going to be different for me.  It will be my first time playing Bronze on a regular basis in over 3 years.  This is a big move up for me and I am ready to grab on with both hands and hold on tight.

More to come later!

2 Replies to “Just drop the puck already!”

  1. Manhunt is great. I hear Painkiller is also a trippy-dark-evil kind of game too, akin to Doom 3 but with its own engine.

  2. I have played painkiller and I like it. It is just an arcade like shootem up. Really no tactics behind the game. I am not going to be able to finish either Manhunt or Doom 3 before tomorrow, but these games have been fun.

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